ask about our green cleaningAt Elite Cleaning Specialists we utilize a revolutionary machine in carpet cleaning, the Cimex Carpet Cleaner. This machine has three pads which rotate to scrub ever angle of each carpet fiber. This assures that dirt and stains are penetrated from all angles as well as rejuvenating the carpet fiber, leaving your room looking like fresh carpet was just laid.

This machine uses a fraction of the water used by traditional extraction units which minimizes drying time to a matter of an hour or two rather than days. This leaves no chance for that musty odor to develop which sometimes follows traditional extraction cleaning service.

The Cimex Carpet Cleaner uses Releasit environmentally friendly cleaning product so you don't have to worry about being left with a harsh chemical smell, skin reactions, or danger to pets or small children. So join the future of carpet cleaning and call Elite Cleaning Specialists - 24hrs/day, 7days/week where "We Don't Just Stop at Clean!".

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