Pablo Eduardo Alonzo

Life Story: After graduating from Cathedral High School, a Catholic High School in Los Angelas, I enlisted in the military. During my military career I was deployed to Hadithah, Iraq with the 2/4 Battalion for one year. Upon getting out, my mother and I decided to open Elite Cleaning Specialists, out of a will to continue to serve others.

Favorite Music: Depends on my mood, Andrea Bocelli, Eninem, Kanye West.

Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my dog Rambo (a little yorkie) and occasionally playing poker with friends.

Most Influentual Person In My Life: My Mom. We have a unique relationship but she's always there for me.

Favorite Food: Pizza.

Maria C Alonzo

Life Story: I Came from Guatemala 27 years ago, and have worked in a variety of jobs. I have four kids. Three boys and one girl. I also have a pitbull named zues who is like a son as well.

Favorite Music: Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Jazz.

Hobbies: Walking and dancing.

Most Influential Person In My Life: Mrs. Francis F. Burke.

Favorite Food: Thai, Japanese, Chinese.

Eduardo Nunez

Life Story: I am married and have a son who means the world to me, I also have a wife named susana and we have been married 20 years. We are origionaly from mexico.

Favorite Music: Tango music.

Hobbies: Watching basketball games, soccer games, and beach soccer.

Most Influential Person In My Life: My son and my wife. I work hard for them to give them a better life.

Favorite Food: Pozole and tortas.

Eddie Alonzo

Life Story: I'm married with three kids. I was born and raised in guatemala. On my free time I enjoy watching wrestling with my kids and playing soccer.

Favorite Music: I love all types of music mostly spanish rock.

Hobbies: I love playing soccer.

Most Influential Person In My Life: My mom, she raised me to have good values.

Favorite Food: Beef Tacos.

Thelma Castellon

Life Story: I previously worked for USC for seven years. I enjoy spending time with my two kids who are my life.

Favorite Music: Romantic Music.

Hobbies: Walking and spending time with friends.

Most Influential Person In My Life: My sister Ingrid because she has always been there for me.

Favorite Food: Mexican food.

Ingrid Castellon

Life Story: I have been in the USA for 29 years. I have 5 kids and I love them. I enjoy reading, spending time with my kids, and cleaning.

Favorite Music: Romantic Music.

Hobbies: Walking, exercise, and reading.

Most Influential Person In My Life: My mother because she is a good influence on me and taught me to be a good wife and mother.

Favorite Food: I eat everything.

Norma Castellon

Life Story: I am a single mother of two who loves to go out and enjoy the outdoors.

Hobbies: Cooking and cutting hair.

Most Influential Person In My Life:My mother for showing me how to be a good mother.

Favorite Food: Lasagna.

Carlos Mejia

Life Story: I am originally from El Salvador. I have a little girl and a mother and sister that depend on me. I work hard for them.

Favorite Music: All Types.

Hobbies: Watching television and cooking.

Most Influential Person In My Life: My mom and daughter. They both make me want to be a better person.

Favorite Food: All Salvidorian food.

Jose Salazar

Life Story: I'm from El Salvador and I have three children with my beautiful wife. I have a newborn who is a couple of months old so when I'm not working I'm spending time with the new member of my family.

Favorite Music: Hip Hop and Regaeton.

Hobbies: Anything having to do with soccer.

Most Influential Person In My Life:My mom and kids.

Favorite Food: All Salvadorian food especially yuca frita.

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