surface cleanerElite Cleaning Specialists has a variety of professional equipment reaching beyond industry standards to utilize in many of your projects large or small. Whether it be a parking garage, a parking lot, an oil spill, etc our 35hp pressure washer will blast away any dirt and grime from your property.

Adapting to the pressure washer, we also use a walk-behind surface cleaner with a rotating sprayer that focuses water pressure in 360 degrees directly at the surface to be cleaned. This attachment reduces man-power needed at the job as well as risk of back strain and worker fatigue. We are trained and certified in the safe operation of this machine, environmental compliance, residential services, and commercial services.

We operate 24hrs/day, 7days/week so give us a call at your convenience and let us handle the work for you.

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Steps For Pressure Washing

Upon arriving on site, our uniformed employees' first goal is to establish a work perimeter. Once that is attained we focus on safety.

  1. Being prepared and having everything needed to start working
  2. Greet client
  3. Establish a work perimeter by using cones and yellow safety tape
  4. Safety- warning work in progress signs as well as watch your step safety cones workers wear safety vests and goggles and reflective safety gloves and noise protection
  5. Set up water reclaimer to avoid EPA fines. Some cities such as Santa Monica require this
  6. Spot tackle down any oil stains etc
  7. Wash down driveway as to remove dirt and debris
  8. Use our degreasers
  9. Use our 30 in surface cleaner to scrub floor
  10. Re-soap work area
  11. Use our high pressure nozzle to scrub floor taking nice even passes in front of you in sections about a ft to each side of you all the way to the end of your drive way or do it one pad at a time. Then return to the start and make your next path overlap where you just cleaned by a half ft. 
  12. Clean any windows etc that may have been dirtied in process

Power Wash Certificate

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