Elite Cleaning Specialists offers the most thorough and efficient window cleaning in the industry. Using different processes for each, we leave your windows invisible and screens looking new.

For your windows, we utilize the Eagle 4-stage hydro electric cart. The Eagle 4-stage hydro electric cart is a portable purification system capable of producing 6 gpm of 100% deionized water. This deionized water easily detaches dirt and leaving your windows spotless and streak-free without the use of harsh chemicals. The Eagle 4-stage also filters through a sediment filter, carbon filter, DI cartridge, and reverse osmosis membrane ensuring absolutely no contaminants.

With this machine we are able to attach up to three hoses simultaneously, allowing us to finish the job in a fraction of the time. We clean screens separately using the IPC Eagle Screen Cleaner. This machine can accommodate any size screen with its open side design. Its gentle brush system ensures a thorough clean, leaving no particles behind while ensuring no risk of damage to your screens.

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Los Angeles Window Washing CompaniesSteps in Window/Screen Cleaning

  1. Greet Customer
  2. Establish safety barriers of work area
  3. Take off all screens
  4. Clean all screens using our IPC Eagle Screen Cleaner
  5. Set screens in secure area for drying
  6. Clean windows and frames thoroughly
  7. Put back screens
  8. Clean work area

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